Dope Roadmap

(subject to change)

2022 Q2

Initial Beta Test
Launch Beta version of DOPE Social-fi on the Rinkeby testnet and do the initial beta testing with a selected number of White List users of the DOPE community. Yes, unlike other projects that are "building" things forever, DOPE has actually built something even before the Minting.
DOPE will be giving away a certain number of $DOPES to beta-testers (air dropped upon the official launch). Details are as follows (numbers subject to change):
1. Participate in beta test and share feedback on Twitter: 3500 $DOPES
2. Top 30 players: 10000 $DOPES
3. Bug bounty (up to 10000 $DOPES per bug, subjective to our dev team’s decision)
  • Critical:10000 $DOPES/1 bug (e.g., smart contract related)
  • Medium: 3000 $DOPES/1 bug (e.g., usability)
  • Information: 500 $DOPES/1 bug (e.g., typo, UIUX issue)
Minting of NFT Characters
We are selling NFT characters on June 30 for White Lists, and do public sale on July 1.


Second Beta Test
Second beta test with actual holders of DOPE NFTs. During this phase, we will build the brand value together with the community. Several prizes are awarded to the top players, including valuable NFTs and DOPES
Official Version
After necessary calibration incorporating feedbacks from beta testers, we will launch official version of Social-fi on Ethereum mainnet.


Continuation of initial phase, where $DOPES circulates back into the ecosystem will keep accumulating in the Temple. Initial phase is scheduled to last for 6 months.
15% of $DOPES is reserved for the initial phase.


End of Initial Phase
Initial phase will come to end. At the end of the initial phase, winning side (Angels or Devils) of the entire empire will earn the accumulated $DOPES in the Temple.
Second Phase
We will expand into decentralized Metaverse.
We believe that real estate should not be a limited resource in the Metaverse. We plan on challenging and ultimately eliminating the concept of land scarcity in Web3. Real estate of DOPE Metaverse will be allocated to everyone including Phase I participants. The land will have utilities and values in its unique manner linked to $DOPES, and the owners will be able to profit from it. Details will be revealed at the later stage.