How can you earn $DOPES?

In the Pixel Empire, ‘castles’ are the fountains of $DOPES. Kings, Angels, Devils, and Humans alike must enter and ‘work’ at a castle (a.k.a. enter castle and press 'work') to earn the right to claim $DOPES.
Everything you need to live exists in the castles of the Pixel Empire, and you receive salaries of $DOPES when working. Your payroll is accumulated throughout your tenure and you can claim your payment in $DOPES only upon retirement from castles ('work' in another castle) or when you require your payment ('claim' your current pay without changing your castle). You earn your payroll based on the amount of work you do, the rate of which is determined by your ‘Dopeness’.
Did you think each castle has an infinite amount of $DOPES to make everyone rich? No! Resources are limited even in the Pixel Empire, and each castle has a finite amount of $DOPES reserve which is displayed at the $DOPES-tracker located at the center of every castle. That is why everyone can only work for maximum of seven days at each castle. Even if you claim your payment seven days past beginning of the work, you only get seven days’ worth of wages.
Your claim upon retirement is valid only to the extent of $DOPES reserve left in the castle. You will receive your payroll in proportion to longevity of your tenure, but will not be able to get paid if the $DOPES paid to prior retirees has depleted $DOPES contained in treasury of the castle. Better try to get out before your castle goes bankrupt!
You must now be wondering where the castles come from and who runs it. Castles exist throughout the Pixel Empire, but a King has to “pioneer” the castle at a cost and extract its $DOPES reserve to make it functional. The King who pioneers a castle is entitled to collect taxes from its subjects(Angels, Devils, and Humans alike)’ severance payment upon their retirement. Royalty (a.k.a. other Kings) working in the castle enjoy the privilege of earning $DOPES without paying taxes. Tax and death are the only two certainties of life even in the Pixel Empire.. but the King can also choose to invest $DOPES to upgrade its castle to increase its $DOPES reserve or develop a “farm” to accelerate the work efficiency (a.k.a. rate of $DOPES mining) of everyone in the castle.
tl;dr: 'work' in a castle for a while, get your $DOPES based on the total amount of time you worked. Maximum claimable time is 1 week! You also pay a share of your work to the king as taxes.
Below is an explanation on the steps to earn $DOPES in the Pixel Empire.
  1. 1.
    Go to
  2. 2.
    Connect your Metamask wallet
  3. 3.
    It will show the current game status of your DOPE characters.
  4. 4.
    Click on an open castle that you want to enter, and select your character. If the character you selected is human, there will be a Dynamic Voting for each entry. For more details on Dynamic Voting, click here. The character can claim $DOPES anytime after a certain time has passed. The amount is calculated based on the formula already defined in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Zombie’s assault of barricade

  • Zombies are a special kind of characters. They do not work, but assault a castle to earn $DOPES, and do not pay taxes on their earnings!
  • To defend from zombies, kings can install barricades on their castles.
  • Zombies can assault barricades installed in the castle of their choosing located within the Pixel Empire, regardless of the current position on the map.
  • Zombie’s assault on barricade results in that castle losing 1 barricade stack.
  • Zombie earns $DOPES for destroying the barricade in any castle, until they break all the barricades.
  • Zombie cannot infect any citizen (including the citizens residing in the castle under barricade assault) while assaulting a barricade
  • Zombie is limited to only one action (either entering a castle to infect Citizens or assaulting a barricade) per hour.

Last Scoop

  • Any user who causes depletion of $DOPES reserve of a castle by making $DOPES claim is rewarded with ‘Last Scoop’ bonus.
  • Except for the initial castle, any castle can ‘Level Up’ up to Level 5 only after it has been depleted of $DOPES. As there exist 56 castles in addition to the initial castle, there are 56 x 5 = 280 opportunities to earn ‘Last Scoop’ bonus. ‘Last Scoop’ bonus rewarded at each level of castle is as follows: Level 1: 20,000 $DOPES Level 2: 40,000 $DOPES Level 3: 60,000 $DOPES Level 4: 80,000 $DOPES Level 5: 100,000 $DOPES
  • The initial castle reserved with 12 million $DOPES is not subject to Level Up

Final Voting Jackpot

  • Upon completion of Phase I of the game, when all of the castles have reached Level 5 & $DOPES reserve of all the castles are depleted, the ultimate winning side between Angels or Devils will be rewarded with all of the investments done in the Game (e.g., Kings’ purchase and upgrade of castles, characters’ investment for level up) in $DOPES.
  • The final reward will be equally distributed among the 500 Angels or Devils, and the payment will be made by individual claiming.