Upgrading Castles

The owner of a castle can use $DOPES to upgrade and customize the castle.
  • Barricade installation You can defend against zombie attacks by installing a barricade in the castle.
    • Installing a Barricade costs 3 DOPES
    • Zombie’s assault of barricade
      • Zombies can assault any castle of their choosing, but if the castle has a barricade, zombies will assault the barricade instead
      • Zombie’s assault on a barricade results in that castle losing 1 barricade stack, until the barricade stack of the castle becomes zero.
      • Zombie earns 3 $DOPES for destroying the barricade in any castle.
      • Zombie cannot infect any citizens residing in the castle protected by a barricade when assaulting that barricade
      • Zombie is limited to only one action per day
      • If there are no barricades on the castle, the zombie assault will result on the zombie entering the castle and infecting the Citizens working there.
  • Farm installation In castles where a Farm is installed all characters can claim an additional 10% of payment in $DOPES. Building a Farm costs decreases with higher level castles, as follows:
    • Lvl 1: 60000 DOPES
    • Lvl 2: 40000 DOPES
    • Lvl 3: 34000 DOPES
    • Lvl 4: 26000 DOPES
    • Lvl 5: 16000 DOPES
  • Upgrading Costs The costs of upgrading a Castle vary with level, as follows:
    • Lvl 2: 27000 DOPES
    • Lvl 3: 32000 DOPES
    • Lvl 4: 35000 DOPES
    • Lvl 5: 40000 DOPES
  • Level up Upgrading affects the castles’ appearances, amount of reserved $DOPES and tax rate. Upgrade is possible only after the current DOPES reserves have been depleted. Upgrading the castle will reset the DOPES reserve to the new Castle Level, but will not deplete the Castle's current Tax Pool. Unclaimed taxes will carry over to the next Castle Level.