Character Traits

Angels and Devils

Angels and Devils can claim a larger amount of $DOPES based on the votes of the castle they’re in! Hoard your votes by charming the players!


Kings can pioneer castles to collect taxes! A King can upgrade its castle to increase the $DOPES reserve and build a farm to speed up tax collection!


A majority of characters in the Empire consist of citizens who are vital in how the game proceeds. Vote for your side in the Pixel Empire, to break or to keep the balance between the Angels and Devils!


When zombies enter a castle, the whole castle becomes infected! Infected characters (besides zombies) face a 10% deduction of $DOPES earnings rate per zombie in the castle. Hard to work when there are zombies running around. A maximum of 5 zombies can enter a castle. However, zombies can enter castles only after at least 5 castles are activated in the Pixel Empire.