DOPE Story

The angels and devils couldn't afford the rising housing prices in heaven and hell with their wages despite the crazy workloads.
Voilà, to seek economic freedom, angels and devils look closely to their cute little human friends who ape and DYOR in crypto world.
With high hopes of becoming super rich, angels and devils came to the pixel empire, and the noobs succeeded to the moon, and dreamt of never having to work again!
One fine dawn, the heavenly energy of ‘dope’ secretly hoarded by the king, spread out wide to every pixel of the empire.
This decentralized energy materialized into $DOPES, the pinnacle of all cryptocurrencies in the Pixel Empire.
Angels, devils, humans, and zombies altogether take a deep dive into this brutal and quick battle to win over this limited $DOPES.
Join the game to exploit the potential of the new $DOPES, and discover more.